Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BigFoot in Mexico City?

Locals Claim Sasquatch Spotted  in Mexico City!
Polanco Business District on the alert for Sasquatch Sightings.
BigFoot spotted near Luxurious El Camino Polanco Hotel.

Bigfoot Sighting in Mexico City.

Eyewitness: "Increíble, creo que acabo de ver un BigFoot caminando por la calle, yo no lo creo! Que olía muy mal. Repugnante, de verdad."

Translation to Texan: "It is incredible, but I think I just saw a Bigfoot walking down the street, I don't believe it! The Beast smelled very bad. Disgusting odor, actually."

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KarlBlingPhD said...

Good news, Elmer and Joe Bob escaped from the Belgians. They are through with the Boston investigations. As suspected, it was a true sasquatch in the Boston Commons. The Harvard creature was a lost Yalie. After much investigating, they determined the Boxbourough siting was a Red Sox fan. I am sending them to Mexico City with a cas of Dos Equis.