Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bilbao BigFoot Binges on Modern Art at Guggenheim Museum

Sasquatch Cultural Experience at Guggenheim Ends Badly as Beast Mistakes Modern Art Masterpiece for Indoor Plumbing.
Sasquatch destroys priceless modern art building, leaves mayhem and wreckage in his path.
Tourists at the Bilbao Guggenheim caught this rare photograph of the Basque BigFoot wandering aimlessly from the museum with a stupefied,  blank and perplexed look on his face, having viewed hundreds of modern art works on display while being chased by security guards. "He spend some time looking at a Fire Alarm Button, thinking it was 20th Century pop art", said one witness.

No damage was done to the priceless art on display, except for a world famous sculpture entitled "Stuff My Kid Glued Together" by the acclaimed Tokyo avant-garde artist Ichi Misocrazi... BigFoot apparently thought the masterpiece was the Men's Room and used it in a valient attempt to conform to civilized norms regarding such matters. Art experts think the sculpture can be restored after delicate treatment with a fire-hose at full blast and treatment with acids and heavy detergents. Sasquatch was last seen running south towards Madrid, speculation runs wild that the Ape-Man is going to visit El Prado next.


Anonymous said...

At least he tried to use the amenities like a civilized person. That's more than that quack, "Dr." Bling, can manage.

R. Scheisterr, J.D., B.F.D.

KarlBlingPhD said...

Elmer and Joe Bob have determined that Bigfoot was headed to the pyrenees to visit his relative the Basajaun. I believe that next he might be headed to the himalayas to yack it up with the yeti.

Scheister should stick to crop circles and alien abductions. What is he, Belgian?

Anonymous said...

Hah! Once again, Bling shows his ignorance. I haven't abducted an alien crop circle in at least three or four weeks.

And while I agree with Bling that Sasquatch is likely Himalaya-bound (Bling got lucky on that one - hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day - which is a lot more often than Bling can claim), I think it even more likely that Bling is off to Tibet for his annual partcipation in yak-rutting season.

Oh, the humanity . . . .

R. Scheisterr, JD, BFD, LSMFT