Saturday, August 15, 2009

BigFoot Boogie at Florida Beach Resort!

Sasquatch Squatter at Beach Resort causes Sensation! Florida in a Floozy!
National Dance Competition Judges give out Special BigFoot Awards.

Surprised guests at a Waterpark Beach Resort in Fort Walton Beach were completely stunned when they found a sleepy and serene Sasquatch gazing out at the Gulf of Mexico from their balcony. "The beast left by the balcony as soon as he saw us, he was very shy. It didn't trash the place, but we had to fumigate the condo to get rid of all the fleas he left behind!"

Sasquatch showed up at Fort Walton beach later that day, dumbfounding beach-goers and causing resort guests to flee to nearby bars and ice cream parlors. A roving gang of Jazz and Tap Dancers, attending a nearby national dance competition, spotted the hairy beast and proceeded to choreograph a last-minute, skillful escape by using synchronized Pirouettes, Leaps and Turns to evade the smelly odors wafting down-wind from the creature. The troupe was awarded a "Platinum" for their newly created escape routine by dance competition judges. The Bigfoot was given a "High Gold" for best performance by an Aromatic Mythical or Extinct Missing-Link Creature, but received the lowest possible scoring, "Low Silver", for worrisome personal hygiene habits.

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