Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bigfoot Sighted at Pt. Reyes State Park!

Snarling Sasquatch Steals Weenies!

A wild Bigfoot has raided a camp ground at remote and foggy PT. Reyes State Park in California, stealing hot dogs during a weenie roast and startling campers.
Sasquatch: Weenie Thief.
A terrified camper, busy packing his car and family for a rapid escape from the panic stricken state park, was an eye-witness. "Yeah, I saw the beast! It was a great day at Pt. Reyes, freezing, wet, and you could hear the surf and the sea-gulls, since the fog was like pea-soup it was hard to see the actual ocean. Wind gusts were hitting gale force levels. A typical day in paradise! So we lit up our turbo-biodiesel dual-inline stove and were happily roasting spicy super-hot jalapeno pepper weenies, when the hairy crook ran up out of the fog, grabbed all the cooking weenies he could. He even took the pickle jar, the cad. He quickly escaped back into the fog. Just like that! Thank god we weren't roasting S'mores yet, or there would have been real trouble!"

Dr. Karl Blinng, Director of the YETI NOT SETI Institute, was hungry for more. "You betcha, I want some them spicy hot weenies! Where can I buy some? Food tastes better when it can bring tears of pain to your eyes. I bet that stupid bigfoot had a major case of hot & spicy induced indigestion after wolfing those weenies down. Which gives me an idea... the beast must have had a rather dramatic bowel movement after eating those nuclear flavored hot dogs... I'll pay $3,000 to anyone who can bring me supersized hot & spicy Sasquatch poop!"

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