Friday, May 8, 2009

Manny Ramirez Used BigFoot Hormones?

Did Manny Ramirez Use BigFoot Hormones?
A spokesman for Los Angeles Dodger player Manny Ramirez strongly denied today that Ramirez ever took Sasquatch hormone extracts in a bid to improve his baseball performance while a Boston Red Sox player. Authorities are silent on this issue. While Ramirez tested positive for a female fertility drug used to mask steroid usage, no claims have been made that he used Bigfoot hormones.
"I really don't know how to answer that," said Yankees and former Red Sox player Johnny Damon. Damon, under league suspicion of actually being a BigFoot , has kept a low profile during the latest controversy.
Dr. Bling, Director of the Yeti not SETI Institute, temporarily relocated to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, stated "So what's wrong with Sasquatch Hormones, I ask you? I myself routinely take post-menopausal abyssinian mongoose hormones for digestion, and anyone will tell you I am perfectly abnormal!"


Anonymous said...

Bigfoot hormones! How come we never thought of that?

B. Bonds and M. McGwire

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on ... cyclists have been using Bigfoot hormones for years. It's never yet been successfully detected in a pre-race urine sample ...

I. Basso

Anonymous said...

So this silly blog once again trying to ridicule and torment me of the sound of these creatures BigFeet! Ha! I have a surprise for you!

We test for hormones BigFoot in the last Tour de France, and our results insist tests they are inconclusive, business as usual! If this creature is Bigfoot in France where he is, hormones we find somewhere ... I hope so!

Quite lost my time, I will break for lunch now!

Pierrrre Buurdie

French Agency for the Fight Against Doping