Friday, May 8, 2009

BigFoot Flu Spotted in Mexico and Texas

Breaking News: BigFoot Flu Detected in Gerbils! 

Stunning the medical community, Dr. Bling, the semi-famous director of the Yeti not SETI institute, announced today that a new BigFoot Flu virus, B1F1, has infected "significant populations" of sneezing domesticated Mongolian Gerbils in Northern Mexico and Texas.

"This Sasquatch virus has the potential to become a serious pet threat. If existing Gerbil and Hamster influenzas mix it up with this BigFoot strain, combined with poor Sasquatch personal hygiene habits, all bets are off." Such a Gerbil-Hamster-BigFoot combined virus, G1H1-BFD, affected thousands of small furry mammals in a 1953 pandemic according to Bling. 

Exclusive photo released by Dr. Bling, clearly showing evidence of BigFoot DNA in Flu Virus Particles.

The Pet Shop Association of North America immediately denied the claim, noting that Pet Shop owners routinely "handle Gerbils while wearing surgeon masks, gloves and respirators, no need to panic, there is nothing to worry about".

"BigFoot flu?! Gerbil Influenza?! Never heard of 'em" said a spokesman for the CDC in Atlanta, "and just who the heck is this Dr. Bling quack anyway?!".


Dinesh said...

This cannot be happening. No more flu from Mexico, please.

Anonymous said...

So what are we coronaviruses, chopped liver?
Why all the fuss about Sasquatch and influenza when WE are so much more interesting?


SARS Virus

Anonymous said...

In the very small island nation of Nauru in the pacific ocean there have been sightings a of a little foot supposedly the sister or brother of big foot.