Sunday, May 22, 2011

New York Bigfoot Strikes Again!

The "Manhattan Monster" raids the Museum of Modern Art - - Avant-Garde Artists Astounded!
New York City residents, already grumpy from a shocking Bigfoot sighting in Central Park last week, have suffered another Sasquatch scare at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. The world famous Museum, also known as "MOMA", "U MOMA", "MOMA MIA" and "I Don't Get It" to its many fans, has been closed to the public since the latest scandalous Sasquatch siege.
Beastly Bigfoot Boggled by Bonafide Modern Art.
The hairy creature was spotted amongst "priceless" modern art, gazing gobsmacked at a multi-textured finger-paint masterpiece entitled "Instant coffee stains on my undershirt armpits" or, "les taches de café instantané sur mes aisselles maillot", from the famous, almost dead, French international artiste Pieau Toutalli-Dorque. "I think this modern art bewildered the poor beast", said one New Jersey tourist scratching his head, "to be honest, I'm getting a headache from looking at this stuff myself!"
"Well", sniffed a junior museum curator,"This irritating bigfoot has bad social skills, poor hygiene, eats inorganic junk food, and is not fashionable, but at least this sorry apeman appreciates fine modern art when he sees it!" Museum authorities are relieved the Manhattan Bigfoot didn't use the museum masterpieces as a bathroom, avoiding the Sasquatch sculpture disaster the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao suffered several years ago.
Dr. Karl Blinng, Director of the internationally infamous YETI not SETI Institute in urbane Yuba City, was happy to bandwagon the artsy angle for gratuitous self promotion. "I am an world recognized expert on Sasquatch art, you know. I took a general ed college class in art appreciation once - - I got a "C-", what a humiliation... that professor hated me and she took revenge because I told her Picasso was a demented lunatic with terrible eye-hand coordination - - thank you very much! She'll be sorry one day, when my true genius is recognized!".

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