Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bigfoot Creature Found on Mars!

Shock Rover Image - - Bigfoot Living on Mars... 
Vandalizes Martian Rover...  Massive NASA Cover-up Exposed!
Bigfoot on Mars! Amazing Rover photo captures image of a Martian Sasquatch moments before the Spirit Rover is mysteriously knocked out of action.
There is exclusive and undeniable proof that Bigfoots live on Mars. A California NASA Utility Technical Sanitation engineer (NUTS - Class III), claims NASA is hiding this amazing truth from the public. "The Mars Spirit Rover did not stop operations because someone left the parking brake on by accident - - the official Pasadena Jet Propulsion Laboratory explanation." 
"No! The Spirit Rover was attacked by a obnoxious, juvenile delinquent Sasquatch. The ape-boy maliciously vandalized the mega-million dollar rover and left copious amounts of urea on the Rover's sensitive instruments. That martian monkey-man peed on our delicate, expensive, high-technology sensors. They were ruined in seconds. We're not laughing here at NASA... 10 years of work down the drain, just p*ssed away as it where. That little punk ape-man is going to pay."
NASA rover image: Bigfoot is roaming Mars and up to no good.
Briian Leerky, Ph.D. in Sasquatchology at Houton's Rice University, was really geeked up. "This photo is just incredible - - there is life on Mars, and it is shaggy, hairy, smelly, and would T-P your house in a Martian second if it knew what houses and toilet paper were. Proof of this foul beast on Mars also explains the mysterious trace methane we've found polluting the Martian atmosphere." 

As usual, the YETI not SETI Institute is way ahead of MonsterQuest in reporting these incredible Bigfoot sightings.

Dr. Karl Blinng quickly paid $3,000 cash to obtain the Martian Sasquatch photo. "This new scientific evidence is even better than the Marvin the Martian Opportunity Rover photo I paid $2,400 last year... what a scientific coup. I'll be famous!"

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Anonymous said...

Ah Ha!

The so-called scientific community has been laughing at my revolutionary theories about life on Mars and Martian cities and canals for years. Fools! Now they are discredited. While this sighting of Gigantopithecus Revolutus on Mars proves there is life there, regretfully it still does not prove my core hypothesis of INTELLIGENT life on Mars. These Sasquatch hominid types are dumb as a rock, Martian or Terran.

Still, it is with the highest of hopes and confidence that eventually mankind shall find evidence of ancient smartypants civilizations on Mars. My theories are quite novel, buy my books and read them... my desendants will thank you for the royalies! My best Mars books are: "Mars" (1895), "Mars and Its Canals" (1906), "Mars As the Abode of Life" (1908), and my runaway bestseller, (1909)"Hot Tubs on Mars - Why Martians Built Canals.".

Cosmic Salutations and Regards;

Percival Lawrence Lowell, Deceased.