Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spanish Sasquatch Sighting!

Basque Bigfoot Beast Boggles Bilbao! 

Bigfoot-plagued Basque city of Bilbao in undulating panico after shock Sasquatch invasion.
A seriously compromised eyewitness captured the audacious Bigfoot on camera, jogging along the Nervión river across from the Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao. "¡Qué mal olor! A disgustingly filthy animal - - that evil body aroma was indescribable." 
"It came from the hills", said a dumbfounded local, knocked senseless by the marauding mammal, "it made a really pathetic paseo by the river... the animal looked hungry, hungry for junk food.... everyone ran away screaming and tried to protect their fried goosebarnacles and vino txakoli!"
Bilbao city authorities deny Bigfoots are in the city. Erk Holohed, dubious Sasqautchologist, claims a massive cover-up is underway by the Spanish government. "The government is hiding the truth! Bigfeets have been spotted in Spain before - - at the Guggenheim and fighting an evil alien invasion martian spider. This is now the (trying to count his fingers) 4th, no wait, 2nd? wait, darn it.... 3rd time the wild apemen has been spotted in Bilbao. This is worse than the faked NASA moon landing conspiracy in 1969, I tell you!"
Brainy Bilbao Basque pseudo-paleolithic expert Xavier Extediarya was insulted. "What a boob, that Holohead character is a real txotxolo. Everyone knows that hairy ape creature is a 100% Basque Baxajuan... it only stole good Basque wine and ate good Basque junk food... it know what it was doing!" 

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