Sunday, May 1, 2011

Switzerland in Shock as Bigfoot Bothers Basel!

Swiss Sasquatch Sighting in Basel Beggars Belief!
A rare Alpine Bigfoot has wreaked chaos and badly surprised the solid citizens of Basel, who are not used to such unplanned excitement. Swiss Defense Forces have deployed the latest army knife technology in the search for this dangerous beast. "We will find this nasty apeman", said a city spokesman on his smoking break, "or we will chase him to Geneva!".
Bigfoot in Basel. Swiss Sasquatch scares citizens!
Bigfoot in Basel: Incredible photo of an Alpine Sasquatch invading central Basel. "It stole my precious apfelküchlein snacks!", complained a shocked junkfood shopper on Riehenstrasse.
"This is an amazing cryptoscientific event, worthy of a lucrative book and documentary deal" said the famous pseudoscience author Eriiick von Dänikenheimer, famous Swiss author of "Donkey Carts of the Gods". "With this frankly unbelievable sighting of a missing-link beast in my own country, I am inspired to write a new book which links these ape-beasts to the Pyramids, ancient Space Aliens and the Golden Arches of McDonalds. I will make a fortune... my loyal followers accept any garbage I throw at them! Ahhhhh, this is off the record, right?".
Bigfoot on the Rhine. Basel very bothered.
Bigfoot on the Rhine: Extremely rare photo of an Alpine Sasquatch gazing across the Rhine river in Basel. "It smelled some really rancid fried food wafting over the river", said a shaken local, "he was sniffing the air trying to find the source. But let me tell you, I could smell him from across the bridge... what a horrible aroma! Our well-behaved Swiss dogs avoided that bridge for at least week after the monkyman crossed it."

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