Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Serene Sasquatch Caught Doing Tai Chi

BigFoot performs Tai Chi at VA Hospital!

Just hours after a BigFoot wine raid, astounded eye witnesses saw a "Serene Sasquatch" performing Tai Chi at the Livermore VA Hospital in the Livermore Valley foothills.

"He was doing pretty darn good with the 'Constipated Crane' position", said one hospital doctor, but his 'Gasping Fish' needs a lot of work." Bigfoot, distracted when pecked in the ankles by local wild turkeys, ran off into the heavily wooded hills surrounding the hospital. Empty Wente wine bottles were found nearby. Livermore Police, still investigating the Wente Raid, said Tai Chi Chuan can cause injuries and should be peformed only by trained professionals, not by novice Hairy Bigfeet.

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