Sunday, September 4, 2016

Bigfoot Sighting in Rocky Mountains!

Sasquatch Rocky Mountain High Terror:
Foolish Fly Fisherman Frantic from Foul Feral Fragrances!

A group of clueless California fly fishing fanatics in Colorado were horrified from a close encounter of the worst kind with a wild Sasquatch. The heavy consumption of legal cannabis while fly fishing is suspected as a prime cause of yet another Bigfoot fiasco. "That nasty bad beast robbed us, man! Took our trout. I think it did. Uh, wait....". The fishing victims were questioned by forest rangers, then released, as they appeared to stupid but harmless and posed no threat to other hallucinating pot-heads in the area.

One of the stoned anglers was able to take a rare photo of the elusive nasty Bigfoot beast before passing out:
Brazen Bigfoot Spotted at Rocky Mountain Stream by fisherman.
Colorado Park Rangers have released this sketched description of the Sasquatch suspect, as described by one of the Rocky Mountain high Fly Fisherman after the Bigfoot attack:
Stoned Fly Fisherman's description of the Bigfoot.
Dr. Blinng, Director of the impressive sounding YETI Not SETI Institute in picturesque Yuba City, California, was impressed. "I'm impressed! Those pot-head fly fishermen used large amounts of cannabis sativa to tie their precious fly-fishing hooks. What idiots. Everyone knows that the wily trout won't fall for that old trick!  You gotta tie a bottle of Jack Daniels to your fishing line. That and have a shotgun ready to go. Works every time!"

Speculation that the Colorado Sasquatch is actually a get-high-and-space-out nomad marijuana loving New Mexico Bigfoot tired of the Santa Fe artsy-fartsy scene is gaining serious support among Ancient Alien documentary intelligentsia. "Think about it.", said YETI not SETI bored of director Erk Holohead, "Ancient Alien theorists speculate on just about anything as long as they get paid for it! Sort of like us bonafide Sasquatch experts, only we don't get paid squat."

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Kiki Durhnasium said...

Stealing crappy is a trout thing to do, even if you have the munchies. Signed, California Scatologist

Oh! You said Sasquatologists are welcome to comment. I read Scatologist ... I'm getting hungry.