Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Smart Scholastic Sasquatch Scares Stanford Statues!

BigFoot Barges into Stanford University! Famous Anthropologist Flips and Changes Career! DEVELOPING....
Sasquatch is caught on film at Stanford University by a shocked visiting Rhodes Scholar.

"The creature had a simply horrible aroma, and was deliberately scaring the Stanford University Burghers of Calais Statues", he said. "The hairy beast jumped up and down and yelled 'Boo!', frightening the statues so much they covered their eyes in panic" said the visiting professor, who after the BigFoot incident has decided to leave Stanford and become a janitor at the YETI not SETI Institute.

In a related incident, a senior Anthropologist at Stanford resigned his position today and became a used car salesman. "Finding fossilized hobbits in Indonesia was bad enough, but having a real Gigantopithecus badly in need of a bath roaming Stanford University is the last straw... it's getting wierd now. Selling used cars is a more honest trade!"

Only BigFoot News and Sasquatch Sightings brings you these incredible exclusive photos of BigFoot in action!

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