Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yeti Fight Photos obtained!

Dr. Blinng has 'astounded' the world yet again. In a hastily called press conference at the Yuba City Holliday Inn's All You Can Eat Buffet Room, Dr. Blinng announced the possession of incredible photos proving the existence not only of Yetis, but also the nasty lizard space race known as the Gorn.

"Oh Yeah! Scoreboard ME over that Yeti faker Dim Wit Chann in Tibet! I have definitive photos of Yeti. And I got a GORN included for the same price! I only paid $3,000 a photo.... what a coup!" gloated Blinng. "In your face, Dim Wit!"

Horac Dorkilife, president of the Philadelphia Star Twreck Captain Kirk versus Gorn fan club, was estatic, "Way cool! This is fantastic! We knew that Gorn were spotted in the Star Twreck Next Generation episode 23 in 1999 and in the Mahrval Comic book series in 2007, but to have real live photos of a real Gorn is more than we could ever have hoped for! I have to go now, Mom says it's time for dinner."

Amazing photo above: 
Gorn: "Snow Monkey-man, I grow weary of the chase and your stench. Come to me.. I will be quick and merciful." The abominable snowman (Yeti) is taunted in a fight-to-the-death struggle with the anti-social Gorn. According to the mysterious photographer who sold the pricey photos to Dr. Blinng, the fight took place "somewhere in the high Himalayas... you wouldn't know it".

Amazing photo right, er above?
Yeti-man about to slam Gorn goon into the snow. "That Yeti guy makes Captain Kirk look a  little whimpy, yeah?", said a press conference attendee, "I mean, Kirk had to cheat and use gun powder, right? This here Yeti just picks up that ugly Gorn and throws him from Tibet to India!"

Learn more about the Gorn and why they make great neighbors!

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KarlBlingPhD said...

So where did that gorn end up?
Morimoto wants a battle gorn with Bobby Flay. I've been asked to judge again. Of course, it took me 3 months to decontaminate after last time.