Friday, April 9, 2010

Wild YETI Discovered in Himalayas!

Famous Yeti Hunter Captures Elusive Beast on Camera !

- - gets seriously whacked for his efforts.

Tibet is in an uproar at dramatic news confirming the existence of a Yeti who throws deadly snowballs at humans. Local villagers found a flattened Yeti hunter buried under feet of snow, apparently knocked senseless by the Yeti-man.

Seconds before the wild Yeti attacked.
Yeti with Gigantic SnowballSnowball Terror - - Yeti with Attitude: an incredibly amazing photograph was taken by the famous Chinese Tibetan Yeti Hunter Dim Wit Chann, just moments before he was squashed like a bug from a glacier sized snowball thrown by the icy beast.

Recovering in hospital, Dim Wit said "The Yeti attack happened so fast. The Yeti beast ran out of the forest, looked at my camera, growled and heaved a gigantic snowball right on top of me... it hit like an asteroid. I must have been knocked out for hours. He stole my freeze-dried water supply too!"

Dr. Blinng, Director of the YETI not SETI Institute in Yuba City California, was jealously congratulatory. "(Yawn) My semi-sincere congratulations to Mr. Chann on his sort-of-incredible discovery. Of course, I knew Yetis roam the Himalayas.... duh?!? I am the world's expert on these things after all, just ask me. I am convinced Yeti are here in North America as well, such is my scientific greatness. Yeti are close relatives of Sasquatch - - both species have touchy personalities and stink to high heaven. They are like in-laws, these abominable snowman types, you know? Heck, my mother in-law looks like a Yeti!"

Chinese officials are silent on this politically sensitive issue. "Of course, the government wants to keep things quiet." said a local Yak Yogurt franchise owner, "Think about it; Yeti, Snow, Attack, Snowball... not only are these great search terms for search engines, but they are political dynamite if put into the wrong hands!"

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