Saturday, March 27, 2010


Elusive BigFoot Captured on Remote Candid Camera -- Beer used as BigFoot Bait!

A group of reknown BigFoot hunters from Texas, California and upper Macedonia claim Sasquatch exists and likes fermented hops. Using a remote deer-hunter video camera equipped with a motion detector, the team placed an irresistible bottle of BigFoot Ale in the camera's range and returned to the site a week later to retrieve the video. The location is tippy top secret. The Sasquatch results were astonishing:

Sasquatch Bait: Big Foot Ale Sasquatch Trap: The BigFoot hunter team placed this bottle of Sierra Nevada BigFoot Ale in a location likely to attract wandering Bigfoots. "We spent long hours in carefully selected bars to determine which beer to use. It took hard work, dedication, dart games and a lot of scientific sampling to figure out which brew was the best Sasquatch bait.", said Texas BigFoot hunter Briian Leerky, famous Rice University expert on Sasquatchology.

BigFoot caught on Camera with Big Foot Ale Bait CAUGHT ON FILM! A random wandering Sasquatch became attracted to the bait - - he peered into the remote control video camera... and sniffed the camera housing before biting it.

Drunk BigFoot after drinking 9.5% Big Foot AleLightweight Sasquatch: Bombed Bigfoot waves woozily to the camera after downing the BigFoot Ale bait in one gulp and eating the bottle. "He not hav no stamina for gud Ales!" said legendary Sasquatch hunter Aleksandar Poopov, "I vud hav tout he cud handled it, no?. Vat a wus!"
Dr. Karl Blinng of the YETI not SETI Institute was eerily estatic. "Beer! That is the missing link to the missing link! I will have Jim-Bob and Billy-Joe place bottles of BigFoot Ale in key backwoods areas where BigFeets have been sighted.... I'll need around 1,500,000 to do the job. At last, we will catch one!"

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KarlBlingPhD said...

At last, a sure fire way to tell Bigfoot from Belgians. Sasquatches go for Bigfoot Pale Ale, Belgians prefer Hoegaarden.

I hope to be back in action after I'm released from this place. Why are the walls white? Why am I tied to this chair? What is thorazine, abilify and prozac?