Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bigfoot Spotted at Lake Tahoe!

'Bigfoot Bubba' Targeting Tahoe Casinos...
Touristic Terrors as Offensive Beast Raids Garbage Cans!

Decline Village, Nevada - Local police are on 'high alert' this Labor Day weekend in an attempt to catch a notorious Bigfoot nicknamed "Bubba". The animal has been raiding local Casino and Hotel garbage cans for gourmet junk food and lottery tickets. Casino employees have volunteered in the ape-hunt, armed with slot machine tokens and 2-fer-1 drinks coupons.

Bubba the Bigfoot, nicknamed "Bubba the Bigfoot", on account of his name is Bubba and he is a Bigfoot, duuuhhh, has been seen raiding casino dumpsters and garbage cans for months, leaving an unspeakable mess in his wake.

This Bigfoot has been a quest for Dr. Karl Blinng, Director of the YETI not SETI Institute in prestigious Yuba City, California. "This Sasquatch is dangerous - - it has lost its natural fear of garbage cans. Anything can happen. The sooner they can capture that squalid ape and give him to me, gratis of course, I can show him off, get on TV, write a book, and retire filthy rich! What are they waiting for?", he stated, at yet another hastily called press conference at a local fast-food joint.
Pseudo-scientists across the world speculate that the harsh winter in the Sierra Nevada has driven the Sasquatch down into Lake Tahoe to feed off tourist and casino garbage. "Normally Bigfeets eat wild gerbils, organic weeds, and Cheessy-Whizz®, but this last winter reduced their normal natural food supply... junk food is the only other foodstuff they know how to hunt", said a forest ranger. 

Bubba the Bigfoot has broken into at least 50 dumpsters this year, causing extensive damage and leaving behind huge odiferous Sasquatch sized 'calling cards' in his wake... reportly triggering a massive algae bloom along the Nevada shore of the lake.

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