Sunday, September 13, 2009

British BigFoot Bothers Manchester!

Manchester Man-Ape Mystery: UK Sasquatch Spotted and on the Loose in England! Mancunians Gobsmacked by Hairy Intruder in Central Manchester...

Manchester Man-Ape Madness:
Incredible photo taken by a amazed local - - Note the absolutely blank and astonished looks from Pigeons sitting on Queen Victoria's monument as the BigFoot cruises past near Picadilly Station.

The English Sasquatch crashed minutes later into Albert Square in front of the Manchester Town Hall, nearly disrupting a large outdoor ceremony. According to witnesses, the creature looked "rather bothered", stumbling through the public square ducking his head and anxiously looking up over his shoulder. "The Man-Ape was harrassed by really, really, really irate dive-bombing pigeons who seemed to be attacking him from the direction of Picadilly", a nearby shopper said, "These was not your normally stupid, fat, pudgy and complacent Pigeons, these was your enraged Pigeons... they was daft Pigeons, they was!".

A University of Manchester expert on British Mythical Men-Apes urged caution, "I ask the public to remain calm, this could be a frightful case of mistaken identity - - clearly, from the photos I've seen, this filthy, unkept beast could actually be a lost Chelsea football fan".

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