Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mr. Bill Bashed by Bigfoots!

Hollywood Celebrity Mr. Bill Mugged by Wild Band of Sasquatch - - Tinsel Town Glitteri Aghast!
Mr. Bill, the famous retired TV celebrity and comedian, was attacked and robbed yesterday by a rare gang of outlaw Bigfoots roaming wild near Vail, Colorado. The Bigfoot attack was captured live by a security camera at the posh In~Excess Spa & Mountain Resort, where Mr. Bill has been a guest. 
Bigfoot Attack on Hollywood Celebrity Mr. Bill! Mr. Bill beat-up and mugged by criminal Sasquatches in Vail.
"I was chilling, walking down a lovely nature trail next to the Spa, getting ready for my private organic Bali Exotique® dung facial and greenhouse gas detox sessions, when these very nasty Bigfoots attacked me. They were not nice. They were meanOhhhhhhhh Nooooooo! The apemen took my precious cheetos and whiskey flask.... I had nothing left to keep me alive in that nasty wilderness. Luckily a very nice resort person drove by in a trendy Prius golf cart and rescued me. Can we exclude bigfoots from the trendy Hollywood Fur-Free ban?" Mr. Bill was treated for minor lacerations and released from the local Vail Hollywood Celebrity Losers Rehab Centre today. 

The mayor of Vail has urged calm. "Be Calm! Don't call your stock broker. Drink a Mimosa or something." The local Vail police have doubled patrols. Citizens have been warned to carry only tasteless, trendy organic food when going outside, as bigfoots crave junk food and will do anything to get it.  

Dr. Karl Blinng, Director of the Yeti Not Seti Institute in serene Yuba City, California, was irritated. "Mr. Bill is a has-been, he's living off his past. Mr. Bill hasn't been in any decent movie or TV show since the 1970's. He even tried to hit the Spanish speaking market with a disaster called "Señor Guillermo" in the 90's, it was a total bust... his drug and alcohol addictions really messed him up. So this loser is spending $600 a night at a swank resort in the Rocky Mountains living the high life, when I could use that money acquiring precious Bigfoot bodily fluid DNA! Pseudo-science is not respected in this country! My genius is not appreciated! Not that I'm bitter or anything...."

Only Bigfoot News and Sasquatch Sightings can bring you the latest, amazing news on Gigantopithicus Robustus Revoltus.

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KarlBlingPhD said...

Elmer and Joe Bob are still in Japan. Somethink about the Sapporo brewery to investigate the mutant hibagon. I just hired a new investigator, one SLUGGO who said he'd be happy to interview Mr Bill. More new to come.