Sunday, September 8, 2013

BigFoot Scare at Little Mermaid Statue!

Ferocious BigFoot Beastie Frightens Foreigners at Little Mermaid Statue!

Copenhagen has been cracked on the head again by another amazingly coincidental coincidence involving incredibly rare Sasquatch sightings in Denmark. The smelly beast was spotted gawking at the famous Little Mermaid Statue. "He was gobsmacked", said a day-tourist from lovely Middelfart, Denmark, "The nasty beast sauntered over to the statue and dropped his jaw, like he'd never seen Merhumans before! What a rube! We Danish have lived with half-human, half-fish creatures for a long time, we call them Swedes. "
Bizarre Bigfoot Sighting as the mythical hairy creature gazed aghast
at another mythical creature who lives on a rock, has fins, and nude breasts.
The Danish government has issued a security alert, advising all good citizens to be watchful for any signs of future BigFoot sightings. "Ja, vi Dans søger ape mand. Jeg håber bare vi ikke finde ham!" said the Copenhagen chief assistant for crypto-animal control.

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