Sunday, July 9, 2017

Squaw Valley Sasquatch PROOF!

Sasquatch Sighting in Squaw Valley! Skiers Shocked Silly! 

Record Sierra Nevada Snow blamed for Bigfoot Appearance! 

Squaw Valley, California - - Despite efforts by Russian Spies to suppress news of a recent Sasquatch sighting in Squaw Valley, our intrepid Institute and dedicated purveyor of NOT FAKE BIGFOOT NEWS has uncovered photographic Sasquatch evidence and statements from bonafide eye witnesses.

Befuddled Bigfoot looking for frozen cheese whiz snacks.
 "A Sasquatch at Squaw Valley is squalid, seriously", said a full-time professional apres-ski instructor, "to be fleecing these amateurs out of their treasure with over-priced hot toddy drinks was a good gig. Beat working for a living! Then this nasty beast shows up and scares everyone off! Bad for business."

Sasquatch roaming Squaw Valley.
Dr. Karl Blinng, the most honored Director of the prestigious YETI-not-SETI Institute for the lucrative study of cryptozoological beasties, found the recent Squaw Valley sightings to be chilling. "I'm CHILL. I authorized the expenditure of $3,000 for these Squaw Valley photos! I have a team of unpaid interns combing the area for Bigfoot droppings and other evidence of their nasty DNA. Heck, people comb icy wastelands for mere meteoroids. FOOLS! We're going for Sasquatchoids. When we find them, my life's work will be fulfilled. Ah, not mention I'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams. Then, at last, I'll have the financial means to finally take over the world. Boohahahahahahahaha. Cough!"

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