Sunday, May 23, 2010

BigFoot Shocks Sacramento - - Lobbyists Terrified!

Elusive Sasquatch Invades Quasi-Official Sacramento Office Building!

Terrified lobbyist shocked at Sasquatch Sighting!
Horrified visitor to a California quasi-governmental lobbyist organization encounters a "repulsive" Bigfoot in the main lobby. "I has horrified! I was repulsive! ah... It was repulsive! So I'm in the elevator going up to the lobby, right? And I'm thinking, wow, the building smells like burning tires and really smelly socks... they must have finally cleaned the place up. But then the elevator door opens and I'm looking at a disgusting, goofy, flea-infested, bad-hair creature! Ok, my dog fits that description too, but he's not 7 feet tall. I'm going to need some serious aroma-therapy after this!"
Renegade Sasquatch surrenders to security camera.
Rare Ape-Man Caught on Security Camera: Sasquatch Sauvage roaming the halls of a quasi-governmental lobbyist organization just minutes from the California State Capitol. "Good thing we turned the camera on last night", said the head of security. "We're deep into a serious investigation.... catching a rogue employee suspected of taking all the popular coffee creamers from the break room."

"Technical difficulties slowed us down, but once IT told us to turn the power on and take the lens-cap off, it was 'lights-camera-action'. I'm calling that Blinng lunatic, we'll shake him down for a couple of grand for this photo, and maybe some free donuts! We are desperate for those little flavored coffee creamer cups, especially the anthrax-vanilla-curry ones?"

Sacramento police are searching the city for the hairy intruder. "We're tired of this BigFoot running around our fair city and scaring our good citizens. The animal no longer has a natural fear of lobbyists - - what happens if he loses his instinctual fear of legislators? We have to stop him NOW." said the city investigator for paleo-hominids, space monsters and evil-genius gerbils.

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