Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yeti Monster Spotted on Sacramento River!

YETI in America?!

In a bizarre sighting which is puzzling Yeti and BigFoot quasi-experts all over the world, even at Rice University, an incredible photo has been acquired by Dr. Blinng, showing that the Himalayan Yeti is in the USA and roaming the primaeval forests of North America.

The clueless fishing guide who snapped the strange photo overcame shock & awe to take the picture. "I took some well-heeled foreign clients on a deep sea tuna fishing expedition into the upper reaches of the Sacramento River, near Redding.", he mumbled, "I kind of took a wrong turn, but it was worth it, since those business guys paid cash up front. When I spotted that Yeti-man on the far bank of the river it was bonus time! The Ape-man looked like he was trying to scare a big rock. He kept yelling "Boooo!" at it. Maybe he was practicing scaring people or gerbils? Or he's just really, really stupid?"

Blinng was his usual chuffed, self-congratulatory self, "My brilliance is proven yet again. I paid that brave tuna fisherman $3,000 U.S. for that photo! No Euros this time! This picture proves my revolutionary theory that Bigfoots and Yeti's are not only similarly rude and disgusting hominids, but in fact may even be the same species, just like my Mother-in-Law! Just joking? ...honest, heh heh. Maybe NOW I'll finally be invited onto the Discovery Channel or Monster Quest, the fools!"

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