Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YETI Attack at Crater Lake!

Wild Yeti Spoils Tourist View of Oregon's Crater Lake - - Eyewitness Report!

Sasquatch throwing snowballs at terrorized Crater Lake tourists.
A tour bus stuffed with Fraternal Order of the Royal Gerbil Lodge members from Reno, Nevada was attacked by a "wild and vicious" Yeti over the Fourth of July weekend when they stopped at Oregon's Crater Lake en route to a nearby Progressive Slot Machine Indian Casino. "Yeah, our tour leader said we should get some fresh air before hitting the card tables... I needed a smoke break any-who. He said we'd be impressed by that Crater Lake place, it's a big round hole in the ground filled with water. Well, for once he sure turned out right that time! That Yeti-beast looked worse than any abominable snowman picture I ever saw.... and his teeth... I had no idea teeth could be that shade of yellow." said one shaken Gerbil Lodge member. According to several victims, the manic YETI screeched and threw snowballs at the group ("He's a right hander, 105 mph I think") and wouldn't leave until a quick thinking lodge member threw him a bigfoot ale and a bag of cheezz puffs.

Dr. Karl Blinng, Director of the Yeti not Seti Institute in Yuba City, California, was licking his chops. "Once again there is a sighting of a YETI in North America... just as my inspired and unique theory, the theory I thought of and for which only I can take credit for, predicted! I'll pay $3,000 for each YETI snowball those brave Gerbil Lodge members can bring me. There must be Yeti DNA in there somewhere. And don't try any more sneaky "melted yeti snowballs" this time... I won't be fooled a second time!"

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