Sunday, January 23, 2011

Siberian Sasquatch Spotted in Srednekolymsk!

Sasquatch Surfaces - - Srednekolymski City Scared Silly - - Siberia Suffers!
Amazing Photo of Wild Bigfoot Roaming Barren Siberian Steppes:
Siberian Bigfoot Sighting.
A rare Siberian Bigfoot was encountered by a local Yakut fur hunter, who took this incredible shot in balmy sub-zero degree arctic winter weather while hunting for rare frozen siberian bear pellets. "My wife nags me and says I am stupid - - says I should be looking for siberian bear pelts, but she knows nothing! These iced bear pellets are worth far more on the black market in China - -  they use 'em to treat really disgusting rashes."

The Mayor of Srednekolymski, Mr. Эрик Холлоу глава, was defensive; "Look, we have enough problems around here with getting vodka and microwave dinners defrosted, da? - - we don't need another headache, nyet! That hairy apeman better stay in the forest or we'll have sasquatch steaks for sure.... after we dig the permafrost out of our barbeque pit."

Russia's Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, asked Siberian citizens to remain calm. "Listen you poor sods, who are half-frozen anyway, chill out already! If this bigfoot invader scares Mother Russia again I will shoot it myself. Why do I have to do everything around here?!"

Dr. Karl Blinng, Director of the mysterious YETI not SETI Institute in remote Yuba City, California,  was chilling... "I'll pay 3,000 rubles for that photo! If they find frozen Bigfoot pellets I'll pay any price! But don't ask me to go there in person, OK? My thermal underwear is at the dry cleaners. I'd rather spend a week in Death Valley in August than freeze my tushie up there."

Siberian Sasquatch Update:
Russia sets up university institute to study the yeti after spate of sightings!

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha ho-kay, you obnoxious Americanskis have big laugh at Russia's expense. You thenk Siberia is one big ice-ball, nyet?

Ha Ha again! Joook is on yu!

We hav real bigfoots in Siberia, not your whimpy spoiled North American ones. We hav toughest bigfoots in world!

See for urself, comrade:

Bigfoot saved from drowning in icy Siberian river:

Even better:

Bigfoot Prints Found In Siberia:

And tell that silly faker Blinng dat real bigfoot hunters don't need thermal underwear!


Igor Dementedry
Russian Institute of PseudoCryptology, Moscow