Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Blago" BigFoot Returns!

Hairy Beast Mauls Michigan Avenue  in Chicago
- - Blagojivich celebrity idiot appearance gone wrong?

Bigfoot Sighted in Chicago.
Chicago is in turmoil, uh, more turmoil than normal, as citizens recover from the shock of seeing a prehistoric Sasquatch roam down Michigan Avenue. Debate is raging, is the creature real or Rod Blagojivich in a monkey suit? "I saw the Sasquatch", said a local resident, "It looks kinda like Blago, I mean the ape-man's hair was impressively coiffed and massive just like the ex-governor's, and except for all those lice and fleas jumping off his back, he looks just like Blago".

Chicago police are not talking. "Hey, we're not talking -- OK with youse morons?" Rumors are rampant that last year's offer to pay off the smelly Sasquatch with a Senate seat didn't work and the obnoxious beast has returned for another pay-off.

Briian Leerky, famous Rice University Sasquatch hunter, said "I bet you a six-pack of Lone Star Beer that the animal that rampaged through Chicago was a real Bigfoot! That Blago character may be a celebrity idiot, but Sasquatches are just plain idiots... they have the IQ of a tree stump. Blago has the IQ of a log... there is a difference!".

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Anonymous said...

Chicago Politics is as pure as the driven snow... three weeks after the driven snow, in fact. Shoved to the side of the road, mushy and covered with dirt.

Former Senator, Illinois.