Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bigfoot Beer Bash!

Sasquatch Sighting at Suds Symposium! 

Shocking the sane and sober, a highly regarded Bigfoot Ale beer tasting and pseudo scientific symposium on Gigantopithicus Revoltus was rudely interrupted by a savage Sasquatch snafu at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in charming Chico, California.
Amazing Bigfoot spotted at Sierra Nevada Brewery in cosmopolitan Chico.
"It was primate pandemonium in there!" said a Sasquatch symposium delegate and beer connoisseur, "A highly respected quack from Yuba City, named Dr. Blinng, was about to present his paper on theoretical toenail fungal problems likely associated with the Bigfoot species- - one of the highlights of the meeting - - when suddenly there was a loud racket outside. We ran out and saw the creature! What an exciting event, to actually SEE a Bigfoot.... pretty disgusting animal, to be honest."
Actual Bigfoot specimen
on display at the Brewery.

Dr. Blinng, Director of the YETI not SETI Institute in scenic Yuba City, California, was perturbed. "How rude can a stupid Sasquatch be? I spend weeks preparing my presentation on Bigfoot toenail fungus, and that ape-man wrecked my big attempt to at last break into the elite cluster of scientific sasquatch stars. You know, the kind that get interviewed on MonsterQuest. I was that close! But I got even. I stole, ah, obtained, some lice ridden fur samples from that mummified bigfoot the brewery has on display... we'll test them for Sasquatch DNA. Then I'll finally write that Bigfoot bestseller, retire filthy rich, and spend my time hanging out with inebriated celebrities."

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