Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bigfoot Spotted in Coconino National Forest.

Sasquatch Sighted in Coconino National Forest! Locals go Loco.

Arizona's Oak Creek Canyon has been hit with yet another revolting and regrettable Bigfoot scare, as a lone Sasquatch was spotted loitering around the Call of the Canyon West Fork trail in Coconino National Forest.

"Dag gum it, it was totally Cuckoo in Coconino last week!", said an craggy canyon denizen old timer, "There I was, fixin' to go into that dern canyon gulch and catch me some rattlesnake fricassee, when that hairy critter ran right past me. Scared me and my mule near to death! I called it a day and went to Sedona for fish tacos instead."
Sullen Sasquatch at West Fork Trail Head. 
Coconino Forest Federales remain quiet about the incident. "We know nothing, nothing!" said a local ranger. "We're monitoring the situation.... behind locked doors and armed with really nasty paint ball guns in case the beast returns. OK, it'd help if we had real guns, nets, and rancid food bait... we could organize a posse and catch the beast. But we don't want to frighten them pacifistic lucrative mystical crystal vortex suckers, er tourists. Those fools pay top dollar, believe me!" 
Bigfoot rummaging in Coconino.
Erk Holohead, a bored of director member* of the world famous YETI not SETI Institute in semi-picturesque Yuba City, was highly perplexed. "I'm highly perplexed!", said Erk, "Perplexity in the universe happens all the time, specially when it involves Calculus crunching and Silly-String-Theory stuff. But this Bigfoot sighting in Oak Creek Canyon's Coconino National Forest is really perplexing." 

"A similar beast was spotted earlier this year in the exact same area. Coincidence? I think not! How did the Bigfoot beast get there? Why did it return? When will it go away? Where is the beast's scat droppings? Who really cares? I smell a Sasquatch conspiracy, among other things. These are all questions which demand answers, darn it!"

*Mr. Holohead paid his $25.00 BOD BYOB Institute membership fee last month. But he still owes the Institute funds for unexplained travel and entertainment expenses in Macau and Las Vegas.

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