Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Prague People Panic as BigFoot Sighted in City!

Sasquatch Sighting in Czech Republic Crushes Tourism Industry!  

(Prague) The city of Prague in the Czech Republic is panicked, puzzled, and perplexed at the mysterious sighting of a rabid North American Sasquatch. The people in the city are also concerned.

Tourists at an almost famous wax museum in the area were amazed when they saw a bonafide Sasquatch saunter to their beer table and promptly steal two large bottles full of local brew. "Yeah sure, like he guzzled down one beer in two seconds and ran into the woods with the other one!", said a shocked tourist, "The worst part is I never got my beers and that beast gave us fleas! I can't pronounce the beer's name anyway."

Faced with a rare and exciting Czech Cryptozoic event, Huba Hubacek, Professor Emeritus at the Institute for the Study of Pathetic Things In Prague, was guarded in his reaction. "I'm guarded. I mean this quite literally! See those guys over there? They are guarding me to make sure I'm not attacked by this dangerous and evil Sasquatch creature.... that and making sure I don't violate my parole."

BigFoot Panic in Prague: This Wax Museum had a lot more entertainment than tourists bargained for!
Dr. Karl Blinng, Director of the YETI NOT SETI Institute in colic Yuba City, California, issued an immediate press release and answered this intrepid BigFoot reporter's phone call for more information. "Will you pay me for this interview? You reporters are all cheapskates, looking for somethin' for nothin'. 'Cause otherwise, I'm not talking. Cash please!"

Karlstein Czech Castle tourists terrorized by cunning savage suds stealing sasquatch!
North American Sasquatch sightings have been made in various European countries over the last few years. We have no idea how these Bigfeets got there or why they live amongst the natives. Speculation runs rampant that these creatures are coming from Belgium or Greece, but this is only gratuitous guessing in which we freely engage in order to entice more readers so that we can raise our advertising rates.

Bigfoot Sightings in Europe:

....amazing but true.

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